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Cashew Machine Price- India!

Cashew Machines Price

Cashew machinery price are lowest offer by Krishna industries manufacturer Gujarat. Krishna industries are one of leading cashew processing machinery mfg. in India.  Cashew process have used different type cashew machine company have experience staff to design and manufacture all cashew machine for cashew processor.all cashew machine cost are below.

Cashew Nut Boiler Machine Price

  • 40 kg/batch cashew boiler machine price :- Rs.45,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 80 kg/batch cashew boiler machine price :- Rs.65,000/- ex.factory cost 
  • 160 kg/batch cashew boiler machine price :- Rs.1,32,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 320 kg/batch cashew boiler machine price :- Rs.1,75,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 640 kg/batch cashew boiler machine price :- Rs.2,45,000/- ex.factory cost.

Cashew Nut Dryer Machine Price.

  • 25kg/batch cashew dryer machine :- Rs. 45,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 50kg/batch cashew dryer machine :- Rs. 65,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 100kg/batch cashew dryer machine :- Rs. 95,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 150kg/batch cashew dryer machine :- Rs. 1,45,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 250kg/batch cashew dryer machine :- Rs. 2,50,000/- ex.factory cost.

Cashew Nut Borma Dryer price.

  • 100kg/batch cashew nut borma dryer price :- Rs. 1,20,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 150kg/batch cashew nut borma dryer price:- Rs. 1,85,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 250kg/batch cashew nut borma dryer price :- Rs. 2,75,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 500kg/batch cashew borma dryer price :- Rs. 4,80,000/- ex.factory cost.

Auto Cashew Cutting Machine Price.

  • 25kg/hr cashew cutting machine price:- 75,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 30kg/hr cashew shelling machine price:- 1,10,000/- ex. factory cost.

Cashew Nut Peeling Machine Price.

  • 50/60 kg /hr cashew peeling machine with 15 hp air compressor set price :- Rs. 3,25,000/- ex.factory cost.
  • 100/200 kg /hr cashew peeling machine with 30 hp air compressor set price:- Rs. 10,25,000/- ex.factory cost.

Raw Cashew Nut Grading Machine Price.

  • 2000 kg /hour raw cashew nut grading machine price :- Rs. 2,75,000/- ex.factory cost.

Cashew piece separator machine price.

  • 100kg/hr Cashew piece separator machine price :- Rs. 1,35,000/- ex.factory cost.

Cashew Kernels and Shell Separator Machine set Price.

  • 300kg/hr cashew kernels and shell separator machine set price :- Rs. 14,40,000/- ex.factory cost.

Cashew Hand Cutting Machine with Table Price.

  • Cashew Hand  Cutting Machine With Table Price :- 7000/- ex. factory cost.

Cashew Hand Cutting Machine Price

  • Cashew  hand cutting machine price :- 4500/- ex. factory cost.