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Cashew Pieces Grading Machine SS Modal

  • cashew pieces grading machine

Cashew Pieces Grading Machine SS Modal

Cashew Pieces Grading Machine

Cashew Pieces grading machine is simple sizing(grading) machine in cashew process. It’s separate broken cashew kernels in cashew process grading step. This machine also know people cashew tukada grading machine. Cashew pieces grading machine is separate cashew kernels broken grades likes k tukada,LWP,SWP,BB etc. Cashew tukda grading machine are sizing 5 type different grades. This machine are decrease labor work in cashew factory . It is also make easy cashew kernel grading work for labors.
cashew pieces grading machine

Krishna industries are design cashew pieces separating machine in fully food grade SS material. company have use special design  bearing for movement grading machine. Krishna industries are also manufacturing customize  grading machine. Company have given option to change different size of jali in machine. Krishna industries are given option to choose single phase or three phase power supply option on this machine. Company design machine working time is very very silent in workplace area.

Krishna industries are sale this machine in all over in India. Krishna industries are also exporting Cashew Pieces grading machine all over world countries. company have mostly cashew processing machinery export in African countries .

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Cashew Pieces Grading Machine SS Modal price are 1,05,000/- Indian rupees Ex. factory cost.