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“50kg”cashew peeling machine

  • cashew peeling machine

“50kg”cashew peeling machine

50 kg cashew peeling machine

             We offer Cashew Peeling Machine which is a almost complete automatic peeling cashew nuts after cashew drying process. Cashew Peeling Machine are mostly reduces labor work in cashew processing  factory. Cashew peeling Machine  has a high production efficiency and given W grade quality cashew kernels .

                        cashew peeler machine uses compressed air as the motive power source, produced a strong wind at the roundabout near the cashew which the testa skin have be off. It is automatic and very easy to operate as it can peel different size of cashews. Its maintenance and cleaning is very easy. It is suitable for both complete production line or single station working.cashew peeling machine

                     Krishna industries are design cashew peeler  machine getting a high peeling ratio and a low broken ratio. this machine is in small investment, use small place, reducing labor, reducing labor operation intensity, and it is suitable for cashew nut processing operations.cashew peeling machine are very very useful to get high production .company are using ss 304 material inside to all part where cashew kernels touching parts. Krishna industries are supplier peeling machine with air compressor and its parts.

                              Krishna industries are also supply peeling machine grading system. Peeling Grading System is help to Separate cashew broken Pisces, cashew 2 Pisces and cashew whole nuts also testa skin. cashew grading machine are operate 0.5 hp three phase power supply. peeling grading machine made 304 ss material.

for watch this machine video please open below link:-

cashew peeling machine technical specification :-

  • Voltage: 220 v/50 Hz power: 0.4 kW.
  • Weight: about 70 to 100 kg app x.
  • Productivity: 30~50kg/hr.
  • Size: l 630xw 630xh 1500mm.
  • Material: internal and outer housing with 304 stainless steel.
  • Air compressor: 8-kg working pressure ; power: 7.5 kW.
  • accuracy of cashew peeling machine 90% work and only 10% broken.