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“4 Type “Garlic Grading Machine

  • garlic grading machine

“4 Type “Garlic Grading Machine

Garlic Grading Machine

Garlic Shorter Machine is Simply Grading Machine. It was separate raw garlic ball and remove dust and husk in garlic. In this machine have use different size jali and conveyor belt and gearbox with motor and ms pipe frame. garlic grading machine are use before put garlic in garlic peeling machine.

garlic grading machine

Krishna industries are one of leading manufacturing  garlic grading machine in all over world. Company have manufacturing garlic shorting machine as per customer requirement . Krishna industries have manufacturing machine depend on capacity , garlic grading size number and items round size. Krishna industries are also give after sale service in garlic sizing machine.


This type grading machine are also use to separate many fruit and vegetable how shape round. like apple,tomato,cherry,orange,onion,lemon,potato and all round shape fruit and vegetable. Krishna industries are design garlic sorting machine to customer requirement. Krishna industries are design 4 type and 5 type different grades.

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