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“12feet”Cashew kernels and shell separator

  • cashew kernels and shell separator

“12feet”Cashew kernels and shell separator

cashew kernels and shell separator

         Cashew kernels and shell separator machine are simply grading type machine. cashew separator machine also call cashew nut scooping machine in cashew processing industries. Cashew Kernels and Shell Separator are use after cashew cutting machine cut raw cashew nuts. Cashew kernels and shell separator machine are separate 4 type in raw cashew nuts.

  • Uncut raw cashew nut.
  • Cashew nut kernels.
  • Cashew nut shell .
  • Half Cutting cashew nuts.

This machine reduces labor work for cashew processing. cashew nut scooping machine was increase production capacity of cashew processing factory. This machine also decrease correction of CNSL oil to labors body .Cashew shell separator machine also decrease skilled labor in cashew processing factory.This machine also very helpful to make total cashew process automatically.cashew kernels and shell separator

             we are manufacturing cashew nut scooping machine last 6 years.  Krishna  industries are design this machine use small cashew processor in cashew processing industry . Krishna industries are also design machine to customer requirement. we are designing scooping line to make cheaper our customers.

               Krishna industries are sales machine in all over India. company have also export cashew nut scooping line all over world.

cashew kernels and shell separator technical specification

  • Capacity:-500kg/hr.
  • Power:- 2 hp single or three phase.
  • Labor person:- 1 person.
  • Grade:- cashew kernels ,uncut raw cashew nut, cashew nut shell, cutting raw cashew nut.
  • Number of jail :- 3 nos.(6 feet *2 feet).

Cashew nut scooping machine price are 1,45,000/- Indian rupees Ex. factory.