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Cashew dryer machine

  • cashew dryer machine

Cashew dryer machine

Cashew dryer machine have necessary use products in cashew processing in cashew processing factory. Krishna industries are manufacturing standard quality cashew dryer machine for using long life for its customers.

Cashew dryer machine process

Cashew nut oven machine are dry cashew kernels  between 60 ċ to 70ċ temperature 6 to 7 hours .finishing drying process after cashew kernels have 2.5 % to 3 % moisture.

Cashew nut dryer quality

Cashew oven machine have fully insulated body which are maintain temperature inside cashew dryer machine body. Krishna industries are use (ISI) standard and long life air heater in dryer machine. Inside cashew dryer machine are used air circulated fan. Air circulated fan are maintain same air temperature in dryer body. Company are using bigger size aluminium trays for control cashew kernels drying good quality. Cashew dryer machine have auto control panel. company have also add extra faction if power off than after start panel so timer start last stopping time .It will be control totally operating time and temperature. Krishna industries have experience worker making same quality machine all time. Krishna industries are also supply dryer machine parts and extra trolleys. Different capacity is available in company below.

For Watch Machine video open below link:-

cashew dyer machine capicity

1)cashew nut dryer25 kg/batch5 nos. Trays
2)cashew nut dryer50kg/batch10 nos. Trays and fix 1 stand
3)cashew nut dryer100kg/batch20 nos.  Trays and fix 1 stand
4)cashew nut dryer150kg/batch30 nos.  Trays and  fix 2 stand
5)cashew nut dryer250kg/batch50 nos.  Trays and 2 trolleys
6)cashew nut dryer500kg/batch100 nos.  Trays and  4 trolleys