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“320kg/batch”Cashew boiler Machine

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“320kg/batch”Cashew boiler Machine

              Krishna industries are one of most manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of premium quality Cashew Boiler machine in India last 10 years . Baby boiler machine are manufactured using ms raw material under the strict surveillance of our experienced professionals workers. company have manufacture  products are popular for their trouble free operations and outstanding performance.

                            Krishna Industries are mfg. cashew  boiler in 40 kg/batch to 640 kg/batch capacity for cashew  processor. Krishna industries are two type of boilers manufacturing in it’s factory . one off wooden type and second off electrical type . Krishna industries are also provide glass wool  coating out side of cashew boiler generator.glass wool coating are saving 25% energy to single time cashew boiling process.company are provide all  accessories(all pipes, plumbing connection, water level meter, safety valve, pressure indicator, ms stand) with both type of  boiler. for watching video open youtube  link.cashew boilercashew boiler

Cashew Boiler machine Wooden Type

Wooden type cashews nut boilers are mostly use in cashew processing factory. because  of this   boiler are no need electricity. so cashew processor are use any place in this kind of boiler. this type of  boiler are easy operate and very low maintenance in working times. but in this  boiler are fire wooden and cashew shell so it will become pollution in environment .  in residential area are banned of use  this type products.

Cashew Boiler Electrical Type

         Electrical type of cashew nut boilers are use high quality stainless steel (ss) water heater. Electrical boiler are operate by  electricity. electrical cashew boiler  one of big advantage are given same heating in process time. also this kind of boiler are pollution free. so many customer are prefer to use this type of  boiler.

Cashew Boiler Capacity:-

  • 40 kg/batch stream boiler
  • 80 kg/batch stream boiler
  • 160 kg/batch stream boiler
  • 320 kg/batch stream boiler
  • 640 kg/batch stream boiler

 Boiler Machine Working time.

  • 1st batch :- 60 minute .
  •  2nd batch :- 30 minute .
  •  3rd batch :- 30 minute .
  •  continues.

Cashew Nut Boiler’s Material.

Ms steel  10 mm thickness plate use making stream generator.
Ms steel 5 mm thickness plate use making cashew vessel.

cashew nut boiler use Fuel

  • wooden,
  • cashew shell,
  • bio coal ,
  • agriculture  waste,
  • white coal.